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    Published: 2014-02-07, by Ana Gracia.

    Go back to childhood and play this classic on your mobile device

    • Could be fun
    • Could be fun
    • Too simple

    "Pen and Paper"

    Who played this traditional game in school?

    Dots and Boxes! is a very popular game which we used to play with a pen and paper back when we went to class. Choose to play by yourself or with a friend on the same device, whatever you feel at the moment.

    The game consists of beating your opponent by creating as many squares as possible. Squares are formed by drawing four lines which form the shape and try to prevent your opponent from doing so, something which he'll be doing as well.

    The game is well-done and works well, but they could've add something different, a new feature that made it special.

    Upsilon Games is the developer of this doodle-designed game which can be pretty entertaining for a moment of reminiscence.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Feb 07, 2014


    Dots and Boxes is a classic pen and paper game now on your phone!

    Play against a friend or the challenging CPU opponent.
    Try to set new high score! The faster and better you play, the more points you get.

    Draw lines between dots up in order to complete squares. The player with the most completed squares at the end wins!

    Dots and Boxes has lots of exciting features:
    * One Player vs Android
    * Two Players
    * Three difficulty levels
    * Leaderboard
    * Mute and Unmute sound
    * Move to SD Card support.

    Also known as squares, connect squares, dots and squares, paddocks, dot boxing, dots and dashes, dots and squares or boxes.

    I would love your suggestions to make the game more enjoyable for you to play! Just send a mail. Thanks!
    Have a good time!

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