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    Published: 2013-04-18, by Manu Galvez.

    Steam Puzzle is a well-crafted matching-puzzle

    • Graphics
    • Lots of elements and achievements to unlock
    • Dozens of puzzles
    • Different game modes
    • Quest mode is chaotic

    "Mysteries of the Temple"

    Dr. Calgory and his assitant rat, Stimkin, has discovered and ancient temple full of dangerous mechanisms that protect its mysteries. Our dear Doc wants to unveil all of them to contribute to the scientific knowledge. Stimkin, his assistant wants to grab all the riches and run. Be ready to dozens of challenging puzzles and hilarious dialogues between different characters.

    Besides the storyline, Steam Puzzle is a matching-puzzle. The purpose is to rotate clockwise groups of four elements in other to make them match. When a group of 4 elements of a kind match, it will be cleared. The goal is to reach a given score in each level. There are tenths of different elements and new ones are unveiled in each "room" of the temple.

    Players advance through rooms in the campaign mode (Quest). In addition, they can play just for fun and practice "Steam Meditation" room which is a endless mode. There are up to 208 achievements to unlock in science and technology. Dr. Calgory will invent some artifacts thanks to knowledge acquired in the temple.

    Graphics are really good, and that isn't common in puzzles in which what matters is playability. However, this isn't an usual puzzle game: there's storyline and a well-crafted artwork backing it. Highly recommended.

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    Emmanuel Appszoom logo

    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Apr 18, 2013


    For all you puzzle-solvers, methodizers, elucidaters, and unravelers, listen up! This app is not your grandfather's Rubik's cube.

    Steam Puzzle: Dr. Calgory's Lab is an arcade-puzzle game of rearrangement, delightfully baked into a flavorful steampunk setting. The basic principle involves simply rotating groups of components to form homogenous squares.

    Dr. Calgory's Lab abstracts on its own design extravagantly, forming slews of game modes for you to work your mind around. The steam-punk theme permeates every level of game play; from the soundtrack, right down to the two witty characters that act as your teachers through your adventure.

    - FREE, gratis, and with NO IN-APP PURCHASES!
    - Complex abstractions built upon a simple addicting concept
    - 20+ varied game modes, including harder modes with hex and triangle tiles
    - Stylish 3D graphics, 20 atmospheric music tracks, humorous story with two funny characters
    - Quest with 30 levels to unlock new game modes and powerful equipment

    Dr. Calgory's Lab is one of those deep, addictive and challenging games where the action starts easy, even casual, but becomes a difficult hardcore puzzler later. If you aren't a math geek, you still can find your recreation during your weekend or in a subway with the relaxing "Steam meditation" mode where you are free to match the components endlessly. As you explore the game modes you will find interesting tasks which make you think and discover clever combinations and strategic solutions.

    The game's story focuses on a bright young scientist Doctor Calgory and his assistant Stimkin (a small intelligent rat with a metallic limb). Apart from learning tech and science, they are interested in travelling and archaeology. They need to use their wits and logic to decipher encrypted tablets in a forgotten temple and unveil advanced technology of an ancient steam civilization. Get ready for nerdy humor and witty dialogs between them and the guardians of the temple. For more fun and challenge, you may go for the 200+ achievements.

    Steam Puzzle is ideal for commuting and training your intelligence & brain with smart recreational stuff. With its depth, entertaining gameplay and amazing presentation, it offers great experience without begging for your credit card. You can download the game for free and install it on your Android tablet or smartphone to play it anywhere. It's playable by all ages, boys and girls, kids and parents alike. Yet, the more difficult puzzles in the game will be best for adults and boys of 10-12 years and up. You may especially like this application if you are fond of steam machines and 19th century Britain. Either if you are a nerd looking for the best classic old-school physics based puzzles or if you just want to relax with some cool, non-violent, family-friendly entertainment during your holiday, this game is your top choice. If you are into matching games, or a strategy fan, or you like to use you wit to solve complex problems, or you just need some relaxation while you commute - welcome to Doctor Calgory's Lab.

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