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    Published: 2013-11-29, by Peter Warrior.

    Touch screen adventures

    • Free, ad-supported
    • Easy to learn gameplay
    • Requires Adobe Air
    • Minor translation and UI issues

    "Feel trapped? Escape then!"

    "Escape" is a popular and prolific series of puzzle games made by Funny Games. This review can be applied to the whole series.

    Whether Funny Games is the best or the worst name for a videogaming company ever, all Escape games work more or less the same way: set on a shallow setting and effective old school graphics. Your goal is to gather some items and make use of them somewhere else, hence unlocking new items till you can escape the chosen setting. With few, if any changes, this could sum all this series up.

    They aren't as easy as they may seem at first glance, and sometimes you'll end reeling over the same places tapping on the same spots to get the same result: frustration, but that's an essential part of the game. On the other hand, merit goes to whoever designed this devilish games, which are by the way awesome for people who aren't used to play videogames at all thanks to its "tap where you want to go or what you want to touch" gameplay. They're like a simplified version of point and click adventures, so to speak.

    All the games in the series are free of charge, though they're a mine field of ads unless you activate the plane mode, meaning that you won't be able to use your phone for what it should: do you remember? receive calls and stuff.

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    Peter Appszoom logo

    by Peter , Appszoom

    Nov 29, 2013


    I came to my friend’s city house to play games and we decided to play hide and seek.

    It’s my chance to hide so I went to a room and locked myself. Unfortunately my friend forgot the game and went to out door.

    Now I was trapped in her house it was so late I need to go my home.

    Please help me to open the door. I have some objects & clues but don’t know how to use, so guide me to open the door.


    1. Various themed back ground

    2. No limited timing

    3. Compatible for all devices

    4. Free of cost

    ***A guide to new users***

    Collect the items by touching the desired items on the screen.

    The collected items will be saved in the inventory panel

    After collecting, zoom out to main screen using the arrow key, visible only when to touch the bottom of the screen.

    Also check by touching the other side of the screen for the availability of more rooms. If so, visible arrow will take you to that view.

    For more details log on to:

    Walk through

    1. Click the left side couch and take a Glass.
    2. Take a key when fish stand in a position.
    3. Click right side drawer and use the key to open and take a Scroll.
    4. Click the scroll and note the clue small to big.
    5. Go to left and click right locker, open it and take a red bead.
    6. Go to right thrice; take a stick from left side.
    7. Click the center drawer, open it and take a Yellow bead.
    8. Open the right side first cupboard and take a Red bead and scissors.
    9. Go to left, take a Pearl Chain from left side wall.
    10. Click top of the Shelf and take a Pot.
    11. Click the Pot, use the stick to break it and take a yellow bead.
    12. Click the Pearl chain and use the scissors to cut and take a Red bead.
    13. Click the room, click the telephone and click cup and saucer and take a Lighter.
    14. Click second shelf and take a book.
    15. Click the teddy bear and take a Candle.
    16. Click the Candle and note the dots 2.
    17. Click the Glass and note the dots 3.
    18. Click the Lighter and note the number 5.
    19. Now you get the number 234.
    20. Click the left drawer; enter the number 234 to open it.
    21. Now you get a Pen and Blue Bead.
    22. Click the book and turn the pages, drag the Pen and note the number 35.
    23. Come out this room, click the center drawer and enter the number 35.
    24. Open it and take a red bead and a key.
    25. Go to left and click the left drawer and use the key to open.
    26. Now take a yellow bead and an Abacus.
    27. Click the Abacus and draw first blue bead and yellow beads and then Red beads.
    28. Now you get the clue number 1304.
    29. Go to left, click the door and enter the number 1304 to escape.
    30. Door opens


    ** Needs Adobe Air Plugin

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