drkSlide is a smartphone's puzzle game based on the famous game 15-Puzzle. this game features some Bordeaux's historical monuments.
    Many other themes are available for download, Toulouse, Dogs, Cats, Free Software...
    This game is developed and maintained by Philippe Bousquet since May 2013 and is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.
    The photos used in the game come from Wikimedia Commons and are distributed under the licenseCreative Commons BY-SA.
    For more information and follow the news of this game please visit the drkSlide's web page :

    The 15-Puzzle ?
    The 15-Puzzle is a solitaire game created in 1870 in the United States. Its mathematical theory was published by the American Journal of mathematics pure and applied in 1879. In 1891, its invention was claimed by Sam Loyd, when the game knew a considerable interest in both the United States and Europe. It is composed of 15 small squares numbered from 1 to 15 which slide in a frame provided for 16. The goal is to put in order the 15 tiles from any initial configuration.
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    How to play ?
    To bring up the menu simply press the menu button, then you can define the level of play in the settings, you can also take a random picture, to select the next or previous picture < or >, but also by dragging your finger across the screen.
    To mix the puzzle and thus start the game, press the GO button or shake your smartphone.
    To move a tile, just tap it, then it will replace the empty box next to it.
    The game is over when you complete the puzzle.
    Good luck...

    How to Help ?
    This game is designed to run on a majority of machines (tablets or smartphones). My website shows the machines on which the game has been validated. If you test this application on a machine not listed, I would appreciate if you leave me a message telling me on which machine you tested the game
    In case the game does not work properly, you can also leave me a message telling me your machine and screen resolution so that I improve the game

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