When the Player will launch the application configuration screen will appear, before click on the “play” button, if user wants to set position, alphabet, total time and time interval then user can set, by default its set to one. When player press the "Play" button, the application will begin. Notice that 2 things happen: A yellow box appears and an audio of a letter is played. Remember where the box appeared and also remember the letter. After a few seconds (depend on the time interval whatever you set) another box appears and another letter is said. If the chosen position is 2, the 2-back game is considered. This means that you need to remember if a letter was repeated or a box appeared in the same location 2 times ago. If the third letter said is the same as the very first one, that's an alphabet match. If the box appears in the same position as where the first box appeared, this is a position match. Press bottom right "Position" icon for position matches and bottom left "Sound" icon for audio matches. Continue to press these keys whenever the present squares/letters match what appeared/was said 2 times ago.

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