Easter Eggs Puzzle Kids Game

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    How would you like to play a fun game that offers new challenges every time you picked up your Device?

    If your looking for a simple yet Super Addicting Game that is great for all ages and will provide Hours of Smiling Entertainment…

    Easter Egg Collapse is the App for you…

    From 6 to 60 everyone will love to play this beautiful and exciting application… (:

    No Two Easter Egg Collapse Puzzles are ever Same!

    Here is how the game works:

    Try to match and collapse all of the Easter Eggs from the screen leaving none of them behind...

    Touch areas with two or more of the same Easter Eggs to remove them.

    Number of points scored depends on how many eggs are bunched together when eliminated & how many total Easter Eggs are collapsed from screen.

    Game ends when no more matching pairs of Easter Eggs are possible on your screen.

    It takes a bit of strategy…

    It takes a bit of careful planning…

    Is that someone you?

    Treat yourself and the whole family to hours of stimulating entertainment that will actually leave you entertained and not frustrated…

    You deserve it….

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