Eat Fruit Game




    This is a funny and amazing game!
    It takes use of the gravity to move around and eat fruits.
    Different fruits,different scores.

    But during this game,you only have got ten lives.Once the hunter miss a fruit,it will lose one life.
    Are you ready for this game???

    In the Definition,you could:
    Choose to activate the game sound.
    Select to activate vibration.
    3.Difficulty level.
    Choose the difficulty levels here.There are three levels for you,which are easy, average and difficulty.

    How to play:
    In this game,the goal is that the hunter hunts all fruits ,trying not the drop any on the floor.
    The hunter moves through the movement of the accelerometer.
    Move the mobile phone to the right and to the left and it slides horizontally across the screen.
    The score is set for each fruit.Depending on the score,you can enter the top 10 of the game.
    Don't let the fruit fall.

    Hearts give you life.The total number of lives you have is shown at the top right of the game screen and the game finishes once you don't have life.
    When you drop a fruit ,a life is removed ,so do not let it get away.
    Watch out for bombs. Don't touch the bombs,otherwise you will lose the game!

    Tips about Uninstalling:
    This is an advanced version.There are two conditions while uninstalling.
    1.If you don't activate the application,it is easier to uninstall.Just follow the normal steps to uninstall.
    2.However,if you have activated the application,before the normal uninstalling,you have to go to Setting-->Location & security--> Select device administrator--> then deactivate the application.

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