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    Electrum Dominoes is a game for two players, you and your opponent (we call him “Nestor”).

    The small screen doesn’t suit the traditional way of playing Dominoes. The “bones” may be too small or a lot of scrolling may be required. So we came up with a better way.

    We collapsed the lines of played bones so that only the ends (and the spinner, if you use one) are seen. A panel on the right side of the display contains your hand (with bones added from left to right, top to bottom) and all the bones that have been played (from right to left, bottom to top).

    The “status area” at the top tells you how many bones are in Nestor’s hand and in the boneyard, so you have just about the same information available to you as you would if you were playing against a human.

    You can play classic domino games: Draw, Block, All Fives (also known as Sniff, Five-Up or Muggins), All Threes and Fives & Threes, all with or without a spinner. Like to keep your brain sharp? Try switching around the Fives and Threes settings from time to time!

    Five levels of difficulty and 18 other settings let you configure the game and the display, and you can play in portrait or landscape mode on phone or tablet.

    This is the same game as Electrum Dominoes, but some of the features have been disabled.

    For complete documentation, see .

    Your feedback is welcome, and will be most helpful if you tell us (and other players) what you like or dislike about the game.

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