Elegant Sudoku Generator




    Another application for Sudoku fans, only this one is different and will get you addicted!

    Elegant: Because positioning of gray cells in all predefined puzzles is symmetrical and make puzzles pleasing to the eye of the player.
    Sudoku: The classic 9x9 grid puzzle
    Generator: Because all puzzles are created on the fly!

    The puzzle generator along with the wide range of templates in every difficulty level guarantees that you will never play the exact same puzzle twice!

    Take advantage of the innovative application function and create your own puzzles.

    Reproduce and play on your mobile or tablet a similar puzzle to the one you saw and liked in a magazine or website!


    1. 6 difficulty levels suitable for all types of players, from amateurs to experts.
    - Very easy
    - Easy
    - Medium
    - Hard
    - Very hard
    - Expert

    2. Player can close the current puzzle at any time. The puzzle will be stored for the player to be able to reopen it later and continue.

    3. You can choose to see the puzzle solution

    4. At any time the user can restart any given puzzle

    5. Ability to create custom puzzles!

    6. Includes detailed instructions

    7. Can be installed on the SD Card

    8. Supports almost all mobile device screens as well as tablets up to 10.1"

    More puzzle templates will be added in future releases.


    p.s. Ad-free version can be downloaded from Amazon App Store.

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