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    violet room escape
    Violet is the most like color for all. Which was also one of the colors of rainbow? We made the game design using full of violet adventure. So you welcomes to the violet room. And find the escaping adventure by arranging the hidden objects from the violet room puzzles. And enjoy the fun by violet room puzzles. Here you need to arrange the color pieces and ball on the first room puzzle board. in second room you need to find the water colors and paint brush for paint the flower picture. Our ultra violet way given for you below use it for your emergency.

    Play violet room escape by solving the puzzles. There are two rooms, find the clues in the first room to get into the second room. Get all the colour palettes in the second room and color the picture to get the main key for escaping.
    Good luck. Have a fun.


    Click the clock and get the key.
    Unlock the drawer below the TV. And take the book from there.
    Click the book and get the password from there.
    Put the password in to the cushion bed drawer. Take one car clue from there.
    Get a key from the left wall lamp.
    Use the key to open the chair drawer. Get remote from there.
    Get the pen drive above the TV drawer.
    Get the clue from the right ceiling hole.
    Get the car clue from the drawer in the lamp table nearby cushion bed.
    Click the car and use the remote to get another clue from there.
    Insert the pen drive in the laptop and get keywords from there.
    Put the keywords to the drawer placed under the laptop. Get knife from there.
    Cut the ball using knife on the centre table. And get color code from there.
    Use the color code to the bird stand and get ball from there.
    Get one clue from the right side wall frame.
    Get a key from the book placed in the laptop table drawer.
    Put the key to open the left table lamp drawer. Get one clue from there.
    Get one clue from the left frame.
    Place all the color clues and ball on the centre of the puzzle board. It opens and goes to the second room.
    Click right and left red object nearby TV. Get two water colors.
    Take one color from the left frame.
    Click the flower puzzle frame and solve by sum of flowers.
    Take that counted number of flower is the code for the locked drawer under the table.
    Get one key from there.
    Use the key to open the tea table drawer and take brush from there.
    Take the color behind the pillow.
    Get AC remote from the left flower vase table.
    Operate AC by remote get one color from there.
    Get one color from the tea jug.
    Ultimately place the water color and brush on its place and paint the flower picture using water color and brush as per model picture. And automatically the key appears in front of you by opening the key box.
    Use the key and escape from there.

    Language Support: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese.
    Get more points by quick puzzle solving.
    Everybody can play.
    Make an adventure in the violet room.
    Free for android.

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