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    The famous Google play added newly wonder puzzle room escape. Just try it. Play wonder puzzle room escape by finding all the clues in the room. Use the clues in the appropriate Puzzles to escape from the room.


    You are the best hockey coach in that school. your team name is WONDER boys. The principal announced the sports day. You are going to inform about wonder message to your boys. But the boys are not in their wonderful room. They went to playground for playing hockey. Unexpectedly, you have stuck in that wonder puzzle room by postern. So you need to escape from the wonder puzzle room by finding the hidden items by boys using objects inside the room.

    Different wonderful puzzles have you will face with challenging fun.
    Because you must escape from there and would you find the boys for inform the wonder message. Start to find the hidden fun puzzles. In there, the boys have using three rooms for their purpose. Funny wonder puzzles are housed inside the various hidden objects in that room. You should find the wonder key to escape from there.

    The main wonder key is hidden at one of the room. The secret puzzle codes, colors, numbers are hidden in the objects. The three wonder puzzle rooms are decorated by ultimate colors painted on the wall like green, blue, and ash...The wonder puzzle room key are placed inside the pink portrait on the wall above the cushion sofa in the third room. How to get the key?

    The fun puzzle hints are given below...good luck...


    * The objective of the game is to get the main key for escaping.
    * Switch on the light in the first room for a clue.
    * Get a stamp from the left side drawer.
    * Get a cutting pen from the bottom of the first room, use it to cut the glass box on the left for a key.
    * Open the puzzle box in the middle by clicking the color boxes with the clue in the third room;get a pink box from that.
    * Get a knife from the red box on the left. Use the knife on the bed in the second room for a clue.
    * Enter the second room, on the top left corner click the books to get another clue.
    * On clicking the TV, you'll get another clue, use the clue in the box on the right bottom to get a clue.
    * Enter the third room, open the portrait on the top, use the key to open it for a pink piece.
    * Use the stamp in the paper on the left side. Use the number in the first room for a pink piece.
    * Open the drawer in the third room for another clue.
    * Open the five digit puzzle with all the color clues found out and get a pink piece.
    * Apply all the pieces in the pink portrait to get the main key for escaping. Good luck. !


    Each and everyone can play.
    easy puzzles to solve.
    3 different playing modes.
    Tricky brain teasers.
    Intuitive and easy to start – impossible to put down!?
    easy to play.
    free to play.

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