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    Boat house escape

    Play Boat house escape by finding the clues in the room. Solve the puzzle to enter into room. Find the key to get to clue for escape.
    In centre of the sea few peoples are trapped in malignant situation. Are you heard their crying voice. You need to give life for them.yeah it is possible to save them. Just send one paddle boat for them. They were starts swimming for escape from the thunderbolt on the sky. You just go inside the harbor boat room. Save the people by sending the boat. Have a fun during solving the puzzles. Here you need to escape the paddle boat for people in the centre of sea for their rescue. How to send the boat? Paddle clues are given below... take care... Good luck... share the experience to your friends and neighbors.. The one more boat also need for rescue. Try our boat escape 2...


    Rotate the puzzle locker as per the left model lock near by the puzzle locker for get inside the boat room.
    Take one lamp from the right circle window.
    Get one lamp from the hollow from the ceiling block.
    Get another lamp from the right ceiling wood log.
    Get one lamp from the bag on the bench.
    Take one lamp from wooden drum.
    Click the lean cup placed left side. Take one lamp from there.
    Place the six lamps on the ceiling lamp holder to get a password from on their flash.
    Put the password in to the wooden jog table for getting a key.
    Open the wooden drawer placed left side using the key. Take the color screw tool from there.
    Unscrew the boat room round wooden gate for escaping the boat with two paddles from there.


    Quickly solve difficult puzzles.
    Excellent background nature.
    Everybody can release the boat.
    Auto-save function.
    FREE for Android!

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