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    ★★★★★ - Awesome!!! Great 4 learning!!!
    ★★★★★ - Very addictive
    ★★★★★ - Good time kill. Fun to play when you need to kill a few minutes.


    Simple but challenging, Falling Math is one of the BEST math games on the Android market!! DOWNLOAD IT FREE TODAY!


    Touch the right answer for each falling sum before it drops off the screen! (WARNING: The better you do, the faster they fall!!)


    ✔ Fun

    ✔ Simple

    ✔ Challenging

    ✔ Great for learning

    ✔ Sharing via Heyzap


    Falling Math is extremely addictive with superb gameplay!!

    ✔ Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

    ✔ 24 x 1 min levels

    ✔ 8 x 1 min SUPER levels

    ✔ Suitable for all ages

    ✔ Suitable for all skill levels


    Sharing with friends was never easier!! 'Check-in' at the end of each level and share your progress with a single click!

    "Just got 20 sums in 25s!"

    "Just got 97% accuracy on L9!"

    "Just got 23 sums in a row!"


    Falling Math Team



    1. I've got some questions/issues, how do I get in touch?

    Send us a mail -

    2. If I exit the game, will my progress be saved?


    3. What is BAAT?

    BAAT = Best Average Answer Time
    For each completed level you'll get an average answer time (AAT - see FAQ 4), your BAAT is your best AAT across all levels.

    4. How is Average Answer Time (AAT) calculated?

    AAT = Time/Sums Correct
    For example, if I get 5 sums right in 10s, my AAT will be 2.0s.

    5. What is GAAT?

    GAAT = Game Average Answer Time
    GAAT is just your AAT for all the levels you've completed.
    It is an excellent way to measure your/your child's progress from game to game.


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