Fill Up Block




    Fill Up Block

    Block-arranging puzzle game is a brain puzzle game to move
    various shapes of blocks(blocks of total 1037 shapes) into the background closely.

    As it supports 5 kinds of individual modes, you can play more interestingly.

    1. Classic mode

    It is the most classic block puzzle game.
    It is a block puzzle game of the orthodox manner to put various sizes of blocks
    into the tetragonal board closely.
    800 stages that get hard gradually are waiting for you.

    2. Extreme mode

    As the background filling the block is provided in various shapes of pictures,
    you can play the game more interestingly.

    3. 1212 mode

    As 1010 ten ten puzzle evolved, it was added as 1212 mode.
    As the block-coming out manner(function to see the block to come out next in advance)
    and block-rotating function are added, you can play for high score more diversely.
    If you remove many lines at once, high score comes out so you can play more interestingly.

    4. Mental disruption mode

    Do you like the high-level puzzle game?
    Challenge the mental disruption mode to compete with worldwide people by brain.

    Resolve the puzzle one by one by mobilizing space perception ability and memory at the highest level in the puzzle game history.

    Since questions are very difficult, the weak or the pregnant can be stressed
    out so they don't need to play this.

    5. Kids mode

    Mode for infants/children
    Regrettably infants/children cannot play the game of block puzzle easily
    because it is difficult.
    We provide the kids mode for infants and children to solve that problem.
    It is comprised only of stages that can arouse interest and joy.
    Use it for the brain development of your children.

    Ranking competition system

    1. Compete with worldwide users for ranking by means of Google Leaderboard
    2. Participate in the nation-raking competition and advance the
    high ranking by using our own ranking chart and leave
    your own comments to the whole world.

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