Five In a Row (Deluxe)




    Five in a Row (also known as Gomoku, GoBang and Amoba).
    There are two players in this game or The game played between two players. Players take turns marking the spaces in a grid. The player who succeeds in placing 5 respective daises in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row he won the level.

    If the player does form such lines( horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) of at least five units of the same type, these units disappear, and he won level. This traditional game is also known popularly by several other names such as five in row , 5 in a row , Connect 5 , 5 in a line , connect five , five up , plot five , find five, five in a line .

    This is the classic game of 5 in a Row, with the very best AI. Play 5 in a Row against a friend, or challenge one of the 3 AIs.

    * It is One player game play, player against device.
    * It is Two player game play, player against player.
    * 3 difficulty levels from easy to hard(3 increasingly difficult AIs).
    * 3 board sizes: 7*7, 8*8, 9*9.
    * 4 lighting animations, sound effect and glorious touch, gorgeous game play

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