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    +200 Flags are waiting to be solved in this addictive game, You will have to choose from four answers flag displayed. With an entertaining Time Trial You get 90 seconds to guess as many flags. For every successful flag will get 500 points, if you fail you removed the score is 300 points. Also if you answer 5 times will get 1000 points plus additional you add 15 seconds to the timer

    This free version is the same as you can buy, but includes AdMob (Advertising).


    - Time Attack Mode: You get 90 seconds in which you have to guess all the flags you can.

    - Wildcards: if you hit five consecutive flags get 1000 points and also add 10 seconds to the time.

    - Records: records are always available in the Records section.

    - Share in Facebook: you can write on your Facebook wall the game score.

    - Option to add or remove the vibration and sound from settings.

    Upcoming Updates.

    -Arcade Mode: You get lives, each time you fail you will take away a life.

    -Write Mode: is to write the name of the country from the flag.

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