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    Flower Quiz is the simple quiz game of the national flower of each of 200 countries in the world. This quiz you can play with your friends in real time, share scores and know much more about flowers though out the world. Get amazed by the flowers - Get astonished by dazzling beauty of each of these flowers! If you dream to become gardener, Floriculturist, Florist. Start learning about flowers of the world. Recognize the blossom of every tree, bush or shrub in this summer. Name your favorite flower - Tulip, exotic Rafflesia, Red Roses and bright yellow sunflowers

    * Multiple-choice questions (with 4 possible answers to choose from)
    * Time game (give as many answers as you can 1 minute)
    * Flashcards (a learning mode to browse through all available bird pictures)

    Step into Valley of Flowers!

    Many countries do not have the national flowers ! please comment and suggest the right flowers for your country.
    Lets celebrate the nature!

    Now get highest Streaks to make it on leaderboards! Win super crazy awards! Challenge your friends!
    Playing National Flower Quiz enables you to learn the most celebrated flowers of our mother earth of the countries in an effective way by the form of quiz.

    you really know all the names of Flowers which you see around you........??
    How many blossoms can you recognize? How many names of them do you remember for sure?
    • If you are open to new knowledge
    • If you grow flowers or just love them
    .This educational game for flower lovers

    The big world of flowers appears in front of you. Flora of nature huge, diverse and gorgeous.
    Our quiz guess the flower by photo is beautiful, colorful, exciting. In the application, wildflowers, cultural, room, selection.
    For people who love flowers, know these beautiful plants - this game is for you.

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