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    Published: 2011-09-21, by Peter Warrior.

    A smart physics puzzle game.

    • Fluffyness - fluffies are cute
    • Simple and well thought out
    • Fluffyness - fluffies are too fluffy
    • We're missing different kinds of fluffies

    "Absolute fluffyness"

    Puzzle games are one of the cornerstones of mobile gaming. They are addressed to both children and adults and promote reasoning and intelligence.

    You have to help Fluff (a furry red ball who works as a teacher in a rural school for furry children balls) to reach the lost fluffies. Although you don't control Fluff himself and he just bounces, you can change his trajectory moving trampolines so he bounces in one direction and angle or another. As you advance levels, new elements are added and bounces and routes are more difficult to foresee. The three star rating system craze landed here, too, so you can replay any level in order to achieve three start at every stage. The grid system allows to repeat exactly some moves in order to perfect the route Fluffy takes.

    In that context, FluffyCraft is a nice puzzle game. It has a right mix of physics, deduction and trial and error. In addition, fluffies are cute and there's a plot, a perhaps too angrybirdish plot, but a plot in the end. Overall, everything's rather fluffly in Fluffyland, if I may refer to it that way. That isn't a flaw but a virtue instead, because FluffyCraft can be a nice way to introduce grown children to puzzles and to spare some time without too much headaches.

    In conclusion, good game. Gameccino's first game won't change the history of puzzle games, but as this ad-supported, lite version comes with six free levels, give it a go. If you get hooked, don't feel that it's not right to upgrade to the paid version.

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    Peter Appszoom logo

    by Peter , Appszoom

    Sep 21, 2011


    Ready for one of the smartest and hardest puzzle games ever?

    Get the little fluffies home!

    FluffyCraft is a physics puzzle game. Your mission to get the big Fluffy around his world and rescue the little fluffies. It's your time to design smart and safe routes by repositioning the world elements.
    In FluffyCraft you’ve got to place and move objects in order to bring the cute fluffy tribe together again.

    FluffyCraft features challenging physics-based puzzles and hours of replay value.

    New puzzles and levels on weekly basis for a never-ending fun!

    dozen of awesome puzzles (and counting)
    a dozen of tools to use for bring the fluffies home
    physic based puzzles
    more than a solution for each level
    play on your tablet/phone and continue on facebook

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    RussJess Csomthn

    by RussJess Csomthn

    Aug 31, 2014  |  "Poor"

    Most rediculous ads evr!

    Jennifer Turpin

    by Jennifer Turpin

    Jun 18, 2014  |  "Great"

    I cleared all level 1 with 3 stars...but for level 2, the first stage I cleared with 3 stars but game only recognizes 1 star and will not progress beyond that stage. Shows 28/27 stars for level 1 and 1/27 for level 2. WTH? Both as guest and with FB logon. Ads are too long and annoying. Fix the progress issue and reduce ad length or provide a paid version. Really hoping you get this fixed.

    Mchael MchaelD

    by Mchael MchaelD

    Apr 23, 2014  |  "Poor"

    Forces 20sec adverts immediatly, please install games that actually let you play instead of this rubbish

    Alyssa Mcnulty

    by Alyssa Mcnulty

    Apr 07, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    Hi my name is phinellipe me and my 3 other sisters and brother Amanda holiday Adam love this game Amanda plays it on her iPad holiday plays it on are moms phone and Adam plays it on his phone and I play it on my phone the games amazing :-)

    Isobel Gorman

    by Isobel Gorman

    Dec 15, 2012  |  "Poor"

    Rubbish wouldn't even open. Definitely would not recommend downloading. I'm going to see if it works on my iPod touch if it doesn't work then it's the worst app EVER!!!!!! Wish I could rate it - 1000 stars or five stars but only 1star this time.Sorry did such a long review just it's soooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaad.

    Laura Stubbe

    by Laura Stubbe

    Dec 10, 2012  |  "Good"

    The LITE version crashes on my Fascinate, but the HD version works and the game is cute and there are some unexpected challenges to this game. Is quite enjoyable!