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    Are you ready for the road? Now is the time to test your driving skills with GEICO's latest mobile app game - Tricky Traffic.
    GEICO's Tricky Traffic is an education game that challenges players' reaction time and knowledge of road safety. Your job is to direct the traffic and guide every citizen safely to their destination while minimizing traffic congestions and accidents.

    Players will be able to choose their strategy in order to progress through the game's multiple levels of challenges. One of the strategies for the player is to make it through as many days as possible.
    Another player strategy is to obtain badges in order to progress in the game. In order for a badge to be earned, the player has to reach a goal by conquering three objectives. Completed objectives will be carried over to consecutive games with one exception- if a player incorrectly answers a quiz question, the obtained objectives towards the next goal will be removed.


    *Earn points for guiding pedestrians to safety.
    *Keep traffic flowing and answer quiz questions for point multipliers.
    *Complete objectives and collect badges.

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