Gem Heart Free




    If your Android is 2.2 or newer, you should try Gem Heart Free 3D, which is a big improvement.

    In a ancient magic world, there was a young prince whose lover was a very beautiful girl. An evil witch envied her.
    The witch used many different kinds of magic gems to capture the images of the heart of the girl.
    This forced the girl falling into a deep sleep unable to wake up.
    To rescue the girl, the prince must take back all the gems with
    the image of his lover's heart in many piles of jewels.
    To break normal magic jewels, just have 3 jewels of the same color in a horizontal or vertical line.
    To take back a gem of heart, you need to arrange 4 gems of the same color including the hearts in a line.
    You are the guide of the prince on this journey.
    To arrange gems, you can swap any two adjacent gems.
    You have a small chance to gain a free gem whenever you break a line of gems.
    You can drag and drop a free gem on any other gem (not heart) to replace it.

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