General Knowledge TriviaDeluxe

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    How big is your brain? Ready to test your knowledge of facts across multiple topics? Let’s see what you’ve got!

    From the Amazing to the obscure, General Knowledge Trivia tests your true quiz intelligence and brain power with hundreds of trivia questions on virtually every subject matter in the world. Topics like current events, science, sports, movies, music, history, geography, and more! Challenge your brain power and knowledge and become a true trivia genius today!

    App Features:
     Hundreds of questions from various categories designed to broaden your factoid knowledge
     Track your trivia scores as you test your brain in this fun, enjoyable game
     Compare your scores – share with friends and family via social media , email, etc.

    Next time you’re waiting in line, need to kill some time – why not use it to fill up your brain with interesting and entertaining trivia questions? Download now, and start feeding your brain today!

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