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    Gravitas ~ a gravity toy

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    Gravitas is a physics and gravity toy. There are currently two play modes: Chunky Orbits & Rock Tumbler.

    Chunky Orbits is a friendly simulation of free-floating objects based on Real Life physics. Each object in the scene attracts each of the others in a cosmic tug-of-war. Tap out a few boulders and contemplate the wonders of the Universe. (^_^)

    + Create and destroy colorful boulders
    + Add trail effects to visualize the paths they take
    + Add an absorb effect to grow bigger boulders
    + Create a sun-like CenterStone and create your own solar system!
    + Zoom in for a close-up with the BoulderCam

    If it helps to visualize the scale of the simulation, you can think of a fishbowl the size of a football stadium. The colorful boulders are made of light material and range in size from 1 to 10 meters. You'll get a good view of the entire simulation, swiping the screen to rotate the camera. You can also pinch to zoom - standard tablet controls.

    Rock Tumbler is a simple bit of eye-candy. It's a virtual sphere full of colorful rocks and gems. The rocks tumble towards the screen with a swipe of your finger. A pleasing display of gravity at play.

    + No ads or in-app purchases
    + All future updates are free
    + Non-violent and kid-friendly

    I have more goodies planned planned for this app. Please do leave reviews with your ideas for future versions.

    A note on performance: This app is intended for use on more powerful tablets and phones. It should work on just about anything - but the more power your device has, the more stuff you can add to the scene.

    For comparison, It runs very smoothly with 60 simultaneous objects on a Nexus 7 and nearly as smoothly on the first version of the Kindle Fire. You'll only get 20 or 30 objects working well on an older phone. Any new device should have no problems at all, these things are getting faster all the time. :)

    Get up close and personal with gravity!

    Version History:

    Version 1.0 (November 2013)
    + New toy - Rock Tumbler
    + New main menu
    + Added original, spacey music and more sound effects
    + More logical use of the buttons in Chunky Orbits.

    Beta version 0.9 (August 2013)
    + First public release
    + One toy - Chunky Orbits
    + Plus, minus, trails, absorb, CenterStone and follow cam

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