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    Published: 2013-10-25, by Peter Warrior.

    A complex strategy game with simple rules.

    • Great strategy game
    • Multiplayer options
    • Can get quite complicated

    "Greed will destroy us all!"

    Greed Corp is a turn based, strategy game, of which we may say that it's not only nicely presented, but also come with a high playability and deepness hard to find nowadays. There are just a few rules, though even there's a step by step tutorial. Everything comes wrapped in sorta jazz music and a Wall·e theme aroma. By the way, intro is awesome.

    Combat system may remember Civilization or any other similar board game, as you have to attack with the same or more units than your enemy has placed there to defend. No luck involved, just raw strategy. We miss a 'move all units within a same tile' option a bigger and more intuitive UI, though.

    Build harvesters to spoil the soil and get credits. Every turn, land height will drop till it collapses bringing down units and buildings wherein. You can haste this process by selfdestructing your harvesters, which will test your brains as chain reactions require a deep analysis. Finally, don't disregard cannons (who would do that anyway?), as cannons...well, cannons do that cannons use to do, you know what we mean.

    There are many tactics that can bring you to victory, but all share the same core: balance harvesting and destroying land so you can earn credits and survive at the same time. If there's a key to winning, it's called planification. Greed Corp is a great strategy game that will delight hardcore strategists and will give a big and pleasant surprise to those who thought that strategy games weren't for them.

    In a nutshell, a great strategy game, with simple rules and scenarios but endless possibilities. If you find campaign mode easy, try to beat your fellow mates in a multiplayer match. Invictus has drawn out the best in. This game's free ad-supported and it comes in HD version if your device can bear it.

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