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    This 1AIB number guessing game is the Android version of a traditional paper and pencil game for two players.
    The [AI] in between [1AIB] stands for Artificial Intelligence, because this program has a "cat" level intelligence.

    3 playing modes: Cat guess You, You guess Cat, Cat vs You.
    Variable digits: 2, 3, 4 or 5 digits.
    3 A.I. levels: low, mid, high levels.

    How to play:
    1. Each player should set an n-digit secret number in mind (or write it down). That secret number should be made up by distinct digits (for example, "123").
    Typically, the first digit of that number cannot be zero (like 079), but you can allow the first digit be zero if you want.

    2. Each player will try to guess the other player's secret number. For example, one guess "746", and the other player's secret number is "648",
    then he/she will get the answer "1A1B" from his/her opponent. "1A" means "746" has 1 digit at the correct position (the digit "4" in this case);
    "1B" means "746" has 1 digit at the wrong position but exists in the secret number ("6" in this case).

    3. According to the answer, each player can make a better guess at next round.

    Here's an example:
    (Cat is your opponent.)
    [Secret number "5879"]
    You: 1234 (Start guessing.)
    Cat: 0A0B (Wrong digits.)
    You: 5678 (Keep trying.)
    Cat: 2A1B ('A' is 5,7; 'B' is 8)
    You: 5876 (Keep trying.)
    Cat: 3A0B ('A' is 5,8,7;No 'B')
    You: 5879 (Keep trying.)
    Cat: 4A0B (Yes, BINGO!)

    You can also see "Answer Hint" or "Number Analysis" for assistance.

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