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    Published: 2013-11-07, by Peter Warrior.

    Touch screen adventures

    • Free, ad-supported
    • Easy to learn gampley
    • Requires Adobe Air
    • Minor translation and UI issues

    "Feel trapped? Escape then!"

    "Escape" is a popular and prolific series of puzzle games made by Funny Games. This review can be applied to the whole series.

    Whether Funny Games is the best or the worst name for a videogaming company ever, all Escape games work more or less the same way: set on a shallow setting and effective old school graphics. Your goal is to gather some items and make use of them somewhere else, hence unlocking new items till you can escape the chosen setting. With few, if any changes, this could sum all this series up.

    They aren't as easy as they may seem at first glance, and sometimes you'll end reeling over the same places tapping on the same spots to get the same result: frustration, but that's an essential part of the game. On the other hand, merit goes to whoever designed this devilish games, which are by the way awesome for people who aren't used to play videogames at all thanks to its "tap where you want to go or what you want to touch" gameplay. They're like a simplified version of point and click adventures, so to speak.

    All the games in the series are free of charge, though they're a mine field of ads unless you activate the plane mode, meaning that you won't be able to use your phone for what it should: do you remember? receive calls and stuff.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Nov 07, 2013


    There were just the two of us—Mom and me. The only other neighbor we had in our village was old Granny Jo. Mom never talked about Granny jo, and we never visited her, though, because Granny jo was a witch.

    As usual I was very curious to see Granny Jo, and eventually, whenever I asked mom about her, she turned pale.

    Out of curiosity, today I went to the granny Jo’s haunted house...

    It's creepy and dark everywhere.

    I can hear a wicked laugh in that room. I peeped through the window.

    I saw a bent old woman with white hair and wicked black eyes eagerly practicing her new tricks...

    After a while, she went outside...

    oh no, she locked the door. I was trapped inside this haunted house……….

    I have to go home before the witch return....... else she will make me as soup…

    Could you please help to find the key……..

    My mom will be waiting……. Soooooooooooooon


    • Terrifying backgrounds
    • Scary B GM
    • Freaky puZzles
    • Compatible for all devices
    • No limited timing
    • Its freeeeeeeee

    ***A guide to new users***

    Collect the items by touching the desired items on the screen.

    The collected items will be saved in the inventory panel

    After collecting, zoom out to main screen using the arrow key, visible only when to touch the bottom of the screen.

    Also check by touching the other side of the screen for the availability of more rooms. If so, visible arrow will take you to that view.

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    ** Just install Adobe Air Plugin for Once and enjoy our all Escape Games.

    Walk Through

    • Collect all the four skulls and four bottles.

    • Get a pumpkin from the drawer.

    • Place all the skulls and drag the bottles one by one to the red ring on the floor.

    • Now note the clue appearing and use them on the locker near the stairs to get a book.

    • Get the sword from the wall. And place it on the ring along with the book. Get the doves.

    • Place the first dove on the drawer to get the scorpion.

    • Get the scorpion and dove and go right.

    • Touch the dead body, place the second dove there, get the brain and dove and go left.

    • Place all the 3 doves on the barrel and get the spider.

    • Put all the items in the cauldron and get the key to open the door.

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