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    Handy is probably the first memory game in which the player feels the results -- helping you to remember phone numbers from your contact list, using some playing cards. With patience, you will find your own way to memorize numbers.

    One should consider Handy more as trainer rather than an entertaining game (unless you are a cards player). I simply added rules that simulate playing cards, so that you could apply your memory and some cards logic. I made the winning difficult to make sure you have memorized the numbers. In order to win a number one time you have to guess all the cards correctly. A phone number will be discarded from the playing list after you win it three times, and if you loose in between your previous wins are gone. So, the rules are tough, but training memory for numbers is difficult too. I wish I could make it more fun, but Handy is about "no pain, no gain".

    Handy does not need an Internet connection, and your contact list is safe with it. This game does not use extensive graphics, and thus requires fewer of your cellphone's resources.

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