Hangman Attack




    Based on the popular pen and paper game Hangman, this guessing game challenges players to figure out a hidden password before an innocent man meets his fate at the gallows in the corruption-laden kingdom of Stickonia. Only through saying the phrase of unbinding for their writs of execution can you save the hangman. Guessing a letter reveals any place it is in the password, but if it isn't in the password, you lose a "miss" chance, and you're one step closer to being too late. To solve a "Hangman" puzzle, you must completely reveal it, which will involve leaving a large number of letters unguessed. In order for more interesting one-player play, you can both set the difficulty to tweak the number of chances, as well as accumulate higher scores by solving successive passwords in a row without failure. This game, while simple, is fun for all ages and a good, basic "brain exercise" to help keep you sharp. Art direction for the game inspired by traditional "stick figure" style. This game is free and ad-free -- we will be soon releasing DLC packs to help support this game!

    Billing - used to purchase DLC packs (coming soon!) for alternate game modes (such as Holiday-themed phrases)
    Vibrate - used to provide force feedback during gameplay.

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