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    A remake of the legendary classic "Boulder-dash" type Atari DOS game. Dodge falling boulders, avoid exploding grenades, and solve extremely challenging puzzles in your quest to get all the hearts! Expect to be challenged in ways you can't even imagine!

    Heartlight is a puzzle game originally developed by Janusz Pelc for 8-bit Atari in 1990. In 1994, an MS-DOS port (Heartlight PC) was published by Epic Megagames along with two other games by Janusz Pelc in the Epic Puzzle Pack.

    The game is set up on a 12x20-square grid. Some of the levels make full use of the space, others fill unused space with a moving background. The game is played as from the side (unlike some bird-eye-view puzzle games), with gravity playing an important part.

    The object of the game is to help Percival, the elf character you guide with your keyboard, collect all the hearts on each level and get to the door. Different objects with unique characteristics aim to make reaching this goal more complex.

    Basic objects you will see on almost every level include bombs, rocks, and hearts. While hearts are one of the goals, they can also fall on and kill Percival. Bombs blow up when squashed or dropped on a hard surface. Rocks squash Percival and can blow up bombs. There are several other objects that you come across while playing the game, and the only way to learn about them is to experiment. Several kinds of walls and empty space also have unique properties that must be tested.

    Heartlight has been compared to other popular puzzle games such as Boulder Dash and Supaplex.

    Programmed by Roan Cooney
    New Music by Lennie Budgell

    Original game released under the Creative Commons

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    Maxim Yanchenko

    by Maxim Yanchenko

    Jan 09, 2018  |  "OK"

    Great levels (especially the last 2), but controls (d-pad) are SO buggy! :( If you're killed in a blast they stop working and you need to restart the level with Menu-back-continue. Also on levels when the exit is open from the beginning, sometimes it restarts close making the level unplayable - again, you need to restart the level. Also after a while the level select screen doesn't work at all. Please fix the bugs, this game really deserves 5 stars.

    Tiffany Scarberry

    by Tiffany Scarberry

    Aug 12, 2017  |  "Good"

    Constantly have to close and restart game when losing in order to start over because it freezes after each loss. Controls are horrible to hate them hard to play times ones where U have to be fast

    Markanthony Izzo

    by Markanthony Izzo

    May 08, 2017  |  "Poor"

    I was SO EXCITED when I found this today May 7th 2017 but just like everyone else, having to close and open to continue is annoying. I dont mind getting blown up as long as I can gir right back up and try again. It would be hours of fun but is now just frustarting. Did the developer die?

    Mary-Clare Turner

    by Mary-Clare Turner

    May 01, 2017  |  "Good"

    As other people have noted, you have to restart the game on a regular basis because it freezes. Also the dpad makes certain levels next to impossible. I did enjoy the levels I managed to pass though.


    by nebulapaths

    Apr 23, 2017  |  "Good"

    Loved the game as a kid and still loved it now shame about this ports controls mind completely crap

    Karol Zenkier

    by Karol Zenkier

    Dec 18, 2016  |  "Poor"

    I really want to love this. I'd buy it in a heartbeat if it wasn't for the controls! How can that be so hard to fix? I'm so disappointed with this port that I changed to one star. It seems to mess up about 1:4 times when you restart the level but every time if you die. It seems it's been completely abandoned by the developer because the control complaints go back for a few years.