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    This mind-boggling and entertaining brain game is the newest and most amazing math puzzle game rocking the world and exactly what puzzle games enthusiasts have been waiting for – a REAL brainteaser that entertains while you learn!

    Hidden in the depths of the puzzle grid is a mystery number, and we’re calling all professional and amateur math sleuths to solve the case. The object is to find one number on the game board that doesn’t equate with all the other numbers. Start by calculating all three adjacent numbers whose sum equals the target number. Then eliminate all correct equations until you uncover the hidden number that does not work in any of the equations no matter what arithmetic you use.

    Hidden One Free requires Android 2.2 and Adobe Air 2.6 be installed on your mobile device.
    We guarantee Arithmo Hidden One is the most fun, educational math game you will ever play. It’s so addictive you’ll forget to eat. With difficulty levels from easy to incredibly insane you will be engrossed and entertained for hours, days and years to come! So Kiss it KenKen…Cork it Kakuro…Hit the bricks Hitori…Sum ON THIS Sudoku…ARITHMO IS HERE!

    Hidden One makes a great adult and family game. Math teachers, math tutors, educators, math students, and puzzle lovers pump up their mental muscles with this math workout. If you want a smart games, intelligence game and an entertaining game in one package, this is it. One of the coolest, smartest, solitary games, mind games, fun and addictive ever invented.

    This is a unique educational apps where you use all your mathematical skills and brainpower. The game is structured in a way that you use extensive arithmetic skills on the way to solve the puzzle. Get trained in math without even realizing it!! It’s a learning game that tests your math problem solving ability and math logic. Sharpen your mind and have fun with this top app!
    You’ve just discovered the best maths games, games for children, multiplication games, logic games, and number puzzle on Android! Hidden One is only one of a dozen Arithmo puzzle teasers available for download. So if you want a real challenge that builds math skills, logical deduction and reasoning, brain teaser, go ahead and download all the Arithmo games.

    Arithmo is the latest logic puzzle game system sensation developed by Zoki Games and the greatest addition to the worldwide puzzle phenomena sweeping the globe.

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