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    Great WOOF to you my friends!

    Hungry Beagles is an addictive Brain and Puzzle game. No Beagle was hurt during the creation of this game (they even got some extra dog snacks) !

    In the beginning 20 levels help us to learn how to play the game (tutorial) and then we can play 3 further chapters; each chapter includes 20 levels. The primary goal is to lead our beagle to its dog house. You need to rearrange the boxes so that the beagle can proceed. Further difficulty is that certain boxes are moving together. During the game you can collect bones, paws and hams.

    You can play in various ways in Normal mode:
    1. by finding the exit -- dog house (necessary to complete a level)
    2. by collecting bones (optional)
    3. by finding the shortest path – paws (optional)
    4. by searching for hidden ham (optional – required to unlock challenge mode bonus levels)
    The bones are always visible even if they are hidden under boxes – unlike the joints of ham which are not visible if hidden under boxes.

    Once you have managed to find hidden ham you can unlock further 3 levels per each chapter. These levels are extra large (“pinch zoom and wall move” feature helps in the controls). The rules are also different, the identical boxes are not necessarily moving together - it is our task to figure out what belongs together. On certain bonus levels there are several exits available but usually only one leads you home. There are no bones and paws in Challenge mode.

    It is recommended that you walk through the tutorial when you play it for the first time.

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    May the WOOF be with you!

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