JaTris (Just Another Tris) is a classical puzzle game with gems (not so original, isn't it ?)

    Just tap on a gem to select and swap with a neighbour gem (by tap or drag) to match a set of 3 or more gems.
    Make sets with 4 or more gems to get more points, and do combos to boost score even more.

    More gems are waiting you in upper levels (up to 11 different gems, some with special powers).
    Up to 63 levels of fun for this classical match-3 puzzle game.
    Give it a try !

    Click on any unused part of the interface (bottom or left depending on orientation) to pause/resume the game.

    Game Modes available :

    Classic - Play until you can not make more moves
    Timed - Play versus time, you must choose a new move before the time expires. If no move is possible a new grid will be created
    Trial - A quick play mode, very difficult
    Ever gem removed will be replaced by a black pearl reducing the number of possible matches.
    Endless - Play until you are tired (or you complete the 63th level)
    When you cannot do any move a new grid will be created and the game will continue

    Advanced options in this full version :

    - Skin system : This version support 4 different skins, with different colors.
    - Game difficulty : Choose between EASY,NORMAL and HARD game
    - Starting level : For advanced players you can skip the first levels and start from 4th, 7th or 10th level

    Note : No bgm is included with the game, but if you put a bmg.mp3 file under a /jatris directory in the internal or external sdcard it will be played.


    This version integrates a new graphics scaling system capable to adapt to a lot of different resolutions (tested up to 2560x1600)
    the following resolutions was tested on devices or emulators :

    LDPI 240x320, 240x400, 240x432
    MDPI 320x480, 480x640, 480x800, 540x960
    HDPI 480x640, 480x800, 480x854, 540x960

    The new scaling systems supports resolutions from 1024x600 to 2560x1600
    and was tested specifically on the resolutions below :

    1024x600, 1024x768 (4/3), 1280x800, 1920x1080, 2560x1600


    This version is designed for phones and tablets.

    JaTris is compatible with the zoom mode when using Android 3.2.

    Tested on physical devices with Android 2.3, 4.0, 4.1, 4.4.x, 5.0.x
    Tested on emulators with Android 2.2, 3.2, 4.2.x (have no more a device with 2.2 on board)
    The native game resolution is 800x480.

    --- DEVELOPER NOTE ---

    If there is ANY problem causing crash, please submit an error report or send a message to our email.
    Please provide information about Vendor/Model/Firmware.
    We will take a look and try to fix it as soon as possible. Thanks!
    And if you like the game (or not), please give us feedback by rating and leave a comment.


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    Tags: jatris , illogicware design , jatrisfree

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