Jewellust Xmas

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    This is a magnificent and magical Christmas version of our popular game Jewellust.
    It will help you to feel the Christmas spirit even in Summer!
    And you can play handbell melodies with it!

    Swap and burst colorful jewels to gather mosaic tiles. Help Santa to deliver gifts, pass 7 villages and solve jigsaw puzzles. Enjoy rich graphics, charming sounds and get into the Christmas spirit!

    The game has:
    - 2 game modes
    - 35 levels
    - various bonuses power-ups
    - simple jigsaw puzzles
    - online scores

    ***Game rules***

    Exchange signs with each other to destroy a combination of 3 or more signs of one kind. If you’ve burst four or more signs at once, a bonus sign will appear. In campaign mode new bonuses become available as your journey goes.

    You must collect all mosaic tiles before time runs out.

    ***Campaign mode***

    You will visit 7 villages. To get into the next village you must solve the jigsaw puzzle. Note, that you can swap only adjacent tiles. Each village conststs of 3-7 cottages.

    ***Survival mode***

    Rules are the same, but your aim is to get as much score points as possible. Each burst sign gives you some extra game time. Gradually new signs and bonuses become available and the time reward decreases a little.

    Each destroyed sign increases remained game time by 1/2 sec. If all mosaic tiles are gathered, time increases by 3 minutes. Time reward decreases gradually and the game becomes harder. After each 500 points a new bonus is available. Each 300 points gives a new level of the Snowball.
    Completed mosaic gives three minutes of extra time and 500 game points.


    Each line of signs has its own sound - so you have seven beautiful notes. You can even play a melody while swapping signs!


    Every time you burst a combination you get some score. To get even more score use Candy Cane, Snowball and bonus signs! For example, Firework bursts 8 random signs on the playing field, while Snowman finds a mosaic tile on the playing field and bursts two signs just below it.

    ***Online scores***

    Using ONLINE SCORES button from main menu you can see your own score in online rate table. When you look the rate table from your device (not from PC browser) you can see your score highlighted.

    ***Customer reviews about the game***

    "Hard to stop once u start."

    "Keeps the kiddos busy :)"


    "Very addictive. Love the chimes, colors, and sparkles. Feels so 'christmassy'. Love it!"

    "Three thumbs up! Extremly fun!"

    "I luv this game! Totally addicted."

    "Fantastic game! Better than original!"

    "Love it! Even my kids are hooked on it."

    "Simply the best!"

    "It really is the prettiest and has the best sound effects of all the jewel games. Nice job!"

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