Jigsaw Puzzle Locker




    Solve puzzle to unlock the screen and quick access to SMS/call here. This screen locker Jigsaw Puzzle Locker supports to lock the screen with detailed daily information and unlock the screen with puzzle solving here.

    Simple to set and easy to lock
    Totally free to lock and unlock the screen
    Solve the puzzle to unlock the screen
    Unique design and idea to lock the screen
    Enables sound or vibration effects
    Fast available switch to screen locker

    1. If you have nothing with your device, you can lock the screen to save battery and troublesome.
    2. Use this screen locker to replace your original one.
    3. Set vibration or ringtone effect to remind us of unlocking the screen here.
    4. Turn on this screen locker and it will run for us.
    5. If we want to check time or anything with devices, we should press POWER key to activate the screen.
    6. On the locked screen, we can get date, time and day of week to make our life more convenient.
    7. Or if you need to unlock the screen, you can put key into empty block here.
    8. If you want to unlock the screen to make a call, you can just drag call icon to the empty block to unlock to go directly into contacts to make your call.
    9. In this way, we can also save troublesome and steps of unlocking to open SMS here. Just go directly into SMS with this SMS key here.

    This Jigsaw Puzzle Locker is more like a screen locker here. If you want, you can regard it as a shortcut tool here. It can help us to make a quick call, send a message quickly in daily life.

    Please, if you don't like this app or find a BUG don't give me one star. Just email me, I will fix it.

    Many puzzles may be termed "fully interlocking". This could mean that adjacent pieces are connecting such that if you move one piece horizontally you move all, preserving the connection. Sometimes the connection can be tight enough to pick up a solved part holding one piece.

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