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    **Fun4Kids Kids Abc Alphabet Game 2** (US English)
    A to J in Lite Version
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    Preschool years are a time of rapid learning as parents begin to prepare their children for the upcoming
    challenges of school. Concepts and skills, such as letters, words, colors, numbers, and hand-eye coordination, can all be taught at this age, and Fun4Kids provides parents with premium apps to help with this process.

    With our 82 distinct titles in Kids Education category, we are committed to preschool kid's development.

    Our preschool Abc Game application makes learning Alphabet fun and easy with kids-friendly games.

    * 4 different popular games
    * Sliding Puzzle Game: There are 3 difficulty levels in this game. Letter sound when puzzle completed.
    * Connect The Dots: Plays the letter sounds when completed. Plays the numbers or letters as you connect the dots.
    * Find :In this activity, kids are asked to find the right word that start with the shown letter on animated fish. This activity helps kids to recognize familiar words accurately.
    * Memory Game: This game includes letters of alphabet with their pronunciations. Your kid will be entertained and educated with these cute baby dinosaurs!
    * Kids-friendly UI

    * Abc Alphabet Game app will keep your kids entertained, educated and quiet in a car, in a restaurant, on a plane or everywhere.
    * Abc Alphabet Game app includes interactive and adaptive games for preschool kids.
    * Abc Alphabet Game has cute graphic images.
    * Abc Alphabet Game includes a puzzle game that is great for helping kids' brain develop and grow.
    * Abc Alphabet Game is very easy to use.
    * Abc Alphabet Game is designed to develop comprehension skills.
    * Abc Alphabet Game will develop their concentration.
    * Abc Alphabet Game will develop kids' cognition skills.
    * Abc Alphabet Game will help with the recognition of letters of alphabet.
    * Abc Alphabet Game is specifically designed as an educational tool by experts for preschool kids
    * Abc Alphabet Game user interface is simple with guiding clear images for kids.
    * Abc Alphabet Game will help your kid's memory training.

    Keep your kids entertained while improving their letter and number recognition skills.
    Fun4Kids Preschool Educational Applications include high quality images, animations and music with a kid-friendly sensitive touch interface specifically designed for preschool children.

    Fun4Kids Educational Games are comprehensive, fun filled memory matching games for preschool kids.
    Our unique, educational and fun games reinforce the memory skills, while helping with the concentration and the recognition of objects.

    Fun4Kids ABC Series
    Our award-winning educational applications make learning alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors fun and easy. Letters, Words with Letters, Finding Letters in a word, hundreds of simple words, quiz and fun games will help your kids learn while having fun. Preschool alphabet games that teach kids letters while they have fun playing Our preschool alphabet games make learning ABC s fun and easy.

    Building a solid foundation for future learning
    Recognizing letters and numbers are early pre-literacy skills crucial to the foundation of future learning. Children who can identify letters and know letter sounds when entering kindergarten will be well-prepared to learn how to sound out words and read. A print-rich environment and experience with books will help children learn to identify letters and numbers and develop a love of reading.

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