Kids Learn Colors




    Watch your children play and learn in delight as they pop balloons by touching them on screen.

    After running through the flash cards, your child will simply love playing our awesome balloon popping game, where they can pop balloons based on the color spoken.

    In addition to this delightful game your child may enjoy either of the additional color mini-games we have bundled:
    - a card matching memory game to help teach colors; and
    - (If your child is four or over) another color memory game to reinforce knowledge of the four primary colors. Press the green start button to begin, then touch the colors as they are read out, remembering the sequence.

    Educational notes:
    A child's ability to recognize colors ramps up at around 18 months. It will then be a while longer before he or she is able to name them. Most children can name at least one color by 36 months. Your child will love playing with colors, gradually adding more to his or her repertoire. You can of course expect a great deal of variety between children and this is a guide only.

    If your child enjoys and gains value from the free version, please consider paying the small sum for the ad-free version.

    Target: Android phones, Children, Learners of English as a second language

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