Kids TwinPik




    Kids TwinPik is an educational and entertaining game for kids and on the other hand can be challenging for adults too.

    The App will improve a child's problem solving and reasoning skills. It helps them to see whole-part relationships, increases their visual spatial awareness and teaches them a variety of topics like the Color recognition, Shape recognition, categories like pets or transportation vehicles, and more. This application also helps improve hand-eye co-ordination as a child plays with the app they are manipulating it so see if it fits. Their hand-eye co-ordination is enhanced through this trial and error process.

    The rules of the app are quite simple , just tap to flip two boxes. Match a pair of same items and they disappear. A count of no. of clicks is calculated. You will need to minimize the number of clicks taken to finish the game, in order to improve your ranking.

    You can also change the difficulty level of the game from settings as per your convenience.


    high quality graphics
    Incredible animations.
    Share the app and your score with your friends through facebook or twitter.
    3 difficulty levels, choose according to your convenience
    5 different categories (Birds, Animals, Fruits, Flowers and Colors)

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