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    Published: 2012-11-12, by .

    Krizl is a crosswords puzzle that introduces an original gameplay

    • Challenging
    • Original gameplay
    • Lots of levels
    • Graphics
    • Nothing special

    "Twist crosswords"

    Love crosswords games? Then you like racking your brains. If you want to challenge your mind a step further you should give a go to Krizl, a crosswords game in which all the words are already in the level. However, letters are shuffled and players will have to rotate platforms in order to form words making letters match. Of course, in the fewer moves as possible.

    There are three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. Yet, puzzles complexity increases within each category (from 2x1 to 6x4 platforms). There are up to 50 levels in each category, all of them themed levels defined by its icon. Be careful: your brain can seized.

    The game is set in cute hand-drawn graphics: twist effects, animations and typos are really well-crafted. Screentouch response is great: tap to make a 45º rotation or hold and move to rotate it at your whim.

    In brief, Kirzl is a highly challenging yet original puzzle game. Highly recommendable.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Nov 12, 2012

    Description said "Kirzl is a highly challenging yet original puzzle game. Highly recommendable." - 4/5
    Smart Phone App Review - 87%
    Portable Gaming Region - 7/10

    Try before you buy, checkout Krizl Lite.

    Make your way through over 50 cunningly difficult word puzzles in 3 different modes. Beat your friends to finding the solution with the fewest moves.

    Krizl is a crossword revolution! It's crosswords with a twist!
    Spin the blocks to take a puzzle from complete gibberish to a fantastic finished crossword!
    Drool over the glorious hand drawn theme icons and kalimba tones!
    Marvel over how you pronounce its name! ( Kri - Zal )

    Sorry, my eyes are tearing up with joy just think about all this!! Get it!

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