Laser Cube




    Laser Cube is an addicting puzzle game, guide the Lasers through all of the radiation tiles using the objects available in the level and your logic skills.

    You can use the mirrors to change the direction of the Laser, some mirrors can be moved by dragging them to another position and they can be rotated by tapping them, this will change the direction that the Lasers goes.

    You can change the color of the laser using a color changer, some of these can also be moved or rotated.
    After you think you placed all object correct in the puzzle, you can press the Fire! Button, this will shoot Lasers from the Laser Shooter that will be guided by the objects according to the way you placed them.
    Your solution is correct if all the radiation tiles are turned on by the Lasers!

    Features -
    - Simple design
    - Addictive gameplay
    - 40 challenging free levels

    You can check out the source code at:

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