Light Switch

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    Are you up to the challenge to become the light switch champion? A simple 5 x 5 grid of lights, or is it? Tap a yellow light to turn it off, tap again to turn it back on. Each light tapped toggles the adjacent lights from on to off, or off to on, depending on its current state. Red bricks are unaffected by the switch.

    Surge power ups can be used to auto-complete a level and earn a star.
    Level sections are unlocked as you earn stars.

    Up to 100 levels of light switch game play! Can you earn all 100 stars and create a worldwide blackout?


    * 5 x 5 puzzle grid
    * 100 Levels (FULL VERSION)
    * Star progress and Best Moves (Lowest) Saved

    Note: Requires Adobe AIR

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