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    Advance through the levels by guessing the riddles

    • Can be fun
    • To play with the family
    • Interface could be better

    "What travels around the world while staying in a corner?"

    Little Riddles - Brain Teaser is an application for fans of puzzles who'd like to think about the box and guess the multiple riddles available in this application.

    With new levels being added every week, you'll get to improve your mental skills and keep your mind into shape by guessing the answer to the mysterious and funny questions. You can play with your family and ask each other until you figure out the answer, which you'll need to write by tapping on the correct letters.

    A right answer will get you coins in reward, which can later be used for hints in order to remove or reveal letters, whatever you need.

    Nisavac Wallpapers is the developer of Little Riddles - Brain Teaser and lots of other apps which are mostly wallpapers.

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    Little riddles – lots of fun! For all fans of puzzles, funny jokes or riddles with answers here comes a new free brain teaser to kill time and keep them occupied for hours! Little Riddles – Brain Teaser is a trending word game on the market both for kids and adults that challenges intelligence and offers instant fun. Try to guess the answer to the riddle based on the scrambled letters! Download the app and enjoy this highly addictive mind game!

    A great collection of easy and hard riddles to keep the brain activated!
    New levels added weekly!
    Guess the right answer using the scrambled letters and earn coins for each level!
    Get sufficient number of coins to use hints/cheats: remove and reveal letters!
    Skip levels if you're stuck but no more than two times!
    Get your brain thinking with this extremely fun puzzle game for Android!
    Funny jokes and riddles for the whole family!

    Get 'Little Riddles – Brain Teaser', a free app for your mobile device and jog your mind solving numerous riddles. Try to guess the answer based on the letters you see and earn coins for each correct answer. In case you need help, use hints or cheats that will reveal or remove letters from the line. This is an amazing puzzle game suitable both for kids and adults as it includes some of the most interesting easy and hard puzzles.

    If you love tricky "mind games", puns or logic puzzles, you will definitely enjoy 'Little Riddles – Brain Teaser', a cool new app. Can you guess the word? What has to be broken before it can be used? What has a neck but no head? What flies without wings? Have fun solving these funny brain teasers and see how many of them you'll get right.

    A riddle, sometimes called a "brain teaser" is usually a question that requires clever or unexpected thinking for its answer. In general conversation, someone typically presents a question to another person who accepts the challenge of guessing the correct response. The guesser may get one or multiple guesses and sometimes the asker gives clues, but this is not required. They usually have only one correct answer, and it is commonly provided in the end, even if the guesser does not think of it.

    In the modern use, riddles are jokes, usually questions that have a trick answer. Most use wordplay, in that the answer depends upon some sly interpretation of the way the question is phrased. The answer may be part of the question itself, or may rely on misdirection.

    It's always fun to solve brain teasers since your brain is like a muscle. If you exercise it, you'll have a fit brain. Therefore, get your mind activated by playing different mindgames, math games or word associations. Download this super fun educational game and you'll never be bored.

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