Mancala Deluxe

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    Mancala now available for android phones and tablets!

    This is an ancient game played around the world.
    There are many variations, but this game uses the most popular version of Kalah. Move & Capture Beads into your Home Pit.

    Mancala Deluxe Features:
    - Ad Free
    - New Mancala Raid Game Mode
    - Challenges, extra game modes coming with future updates.
    You can play against the CPU with 3 difficulty levels to choose from. or play against your friend on your phone.

    Unlock Achievements, post your score online!

    customize your settings, to speed up or slow down the game.

    The board game can be cumbersome to carry during travel, no losing pieces and much smaller on your phone or tablet.

    Game Play:
    Each player starts with 6 Pits (filled with 4 gemstones), totaling 48. The object of the game is to get the most gemstones in your Home Pit (Your Right Most Pit).

    You get an extra turn if your last gemstone lands in your own mancala.

    There is no luck or cheating in this game. This game is all about mathematical skill. Use techniques such as:
    - free move (last stone ends up in your own mancala)
    - hoarding
    - forcing other player into Defense,(when you empty out one of your pits, creates capture oppurtunity later).

    Mancala Raid:
    Play 5 rounds of mancala and collect as may Gems as possible. How many Gems can you collect?
    Play against a randomly selected CPU skill level.

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