Marbles Invasion




    The marbles are back, and this time they have invasion on their mind. But the brave folks of the world have come up with a solution: shoot marbles back up at them!

    Marbles Invasion is a connect the marbles game where you shoot marbles up at an invading force of marbles. Connecting three or more same-colored marbles will result in destruction of those units, points for your score and a few more precious seconds of life for the planet.

    But the marbles don't just come in normal colors. There are also two special marbles: the wild marble, which will take on the color it is hit with making it easier to shoot down, and the black marble, which cannot be shot down. Luckily, the black marble is worth a lot of points, so if you can blast out the marbles above it, you can rack up the points.

    Similar to games like space invaders, those marbles won't wait for you, they are coming whether you like it or not.

    Tags: invasion of marble , mind marbles

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