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    Challenge your brain with Android MasterMind.
    MasterMind is a classic game of logic in which your objective is to find the code of four colored pegs that the Android has selected at random.
    Repeated colors are allowed.
    You have ten chances to crack the code.
    To make a guess repeatedly tap the pegs on the bottom panel and press ENTER.
    After each guess the Android places key pegs as follows:
    - A red peg for each correct color in the correct position.
    - A white peg for each correct color in the wrong position.
    - No key pegs indicate a color is not in the code.

    Test your skills in 3 difficulty levels:
    - Easy (6 colors)
    - Medium (7 colors)
    - Difficult (8 colors).

    To start the game select the number of colors you would like to play with.

    Hope you enjoy the game!