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    Published: 2014-05-15, by Ana Gracia.

    A great arcade and math application for all ages

    • Excellent idea
    • Well-thought and developed
    • Great doodle graphics

    "Math Marathon"

    Math Run is a fun educational game for children and families to play together, as it includes several game modes you can check out and try.

    The modes presented are: kids, normal, hard and practice, so you can change between them whenever you feel like to. Watch the tutorial to see how everything works and immerse yourself in the game's basics.

    What you need to do is to run fast so the evil eraser doesn't catch you defenseless. In order to do that, you should try to answer the math equations quickly and collect all the power-ups which appear along the way.

    The app manages to include two different game genres mixed into one big enjoyable tool that is both fun and excellent for training your mind. Besides, graphics are doodle-like and eye-catching, perfect for its audience and without any bugs of any kind.

    Frisky Pig Studios is the developer of Math Run, a worthy educational app that is original and highly enjoyable for all ages, especially children.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    May 15, 2014


    "A great arcade and math application for all ages, rated Great: 8.2" -
    "Wisely Blends Math Training With Fun Game!" -
    With Math Run we wanted to make the process of learning math a truly fun and action packed experience. Math Run is not an average boring math game and this is the main reason your kids will love Math Run. But do not think this game is not appropriate for adults! When your kids go to sleep just choose an appropriate difficulty and you will also be part of this educational and entertaining experience.

    The point of Math Run is to help Super Mathman avoid the evil eraser. The only way to do this is to correctly solve mathematical problems, because only correct answers make Super Mathman run faster. There are numerous power-ups to pick up which help Super Mathman avoid the eraser for a little bit longer. You can choose from three different game difficulties or enter a fully customizable practice mode. The three game difficulties are survival style game modes, so try to avoid the eraser as long as possible. But watch out because the eraser gets faster and faster as you proceed through the round. The game pace will increase dramatically and it will get really hard for Super Mathman to avoid the eraser. There are local and online leaderboards for every difficulty. You can access the online leaderboards and achievements by taping the OpenFeint button in the High Scores screen.

    In practice mode you choose which mathematical functions you want to use, the number of questions and the difficulty. There are no leaderboards or power-ups for the practice game mode, because it is only meant for practice.

    *Eye-catching graphics
    *4 different game modes
    *Designed for KIDS & Adults
    *Fully customizable difficulty
    *Numerous power-ups
    *Local and Online leaderboards
    *Various challenging achievements
    *Simple and Intuitive UI
    *Throughout a very fun experience

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