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    Published: 2014-05-14, by Ana Gracia.

    A well-thought math app for those who want to exercise their skills

    • Fun and educational, good for the mind
    • Challenging as it advances
    • Many similar apps

    "The Saga Continues"

    Math Saga is an educational game for children and adults, perfect for practising your math skills and exercise your brain a bit every day while having fun.

    Select your power-ups before embarking in this adventure and try to answer the questions as quickly as possible and do it right, as your score will definitely depend on those parameters. Keep leveling-up and discovering new and more complex activities which will help your mind practise some useful skills that you normally don't use.

    As for the design, we have to say that Math Saga includes a highly usable interface and decent graphics, plus all the tasks are well-thought and require quick thinking and a high speed of finger movements.

    Trymph Inc. is the developer of Math Saga, an effective math app that will be loved by those who don't want to see their math skills get weaker and weaker as time goes by.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    May 14, 2014


    Math Saga() game helps you train to get better in math. It lets you do a math workout and exercise your brain while having fun. This free game is for kids, adults, and everyone to practice math. Do brain training exercises to get better at everyday math.
    There are different levels and gameboards to challenge your math skills as you improve.
    Each island is a level with a set of gameboards. Earn at least one star on each gameboard to unlock the next island and see the next set of gameboards. Challenge yourself more and try to get 2 or 3 stars on an gameboard.
    A gameboard may be a race to answer a set number of questions as quickly as you can. Your score is based on the time it takes to get the correct answers
    Or a gameboard may be a timed play where you have a number of seconds allowed to answer questions. Answer as many questions as you can within the time period, and your score is based on the number of questions you get correct.
    Use powerups to solve questions faster and get a better score.
    Do math drills to enhance your mental arithmetic.
    Play the games and get better at math!

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