Math Word Decode Fun Item - Manuals&Negative Table

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    Math Word Decode Fun Item - Manuals&Negative Table

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    ===== Math Word Decode Fun Item - Manuals + Negative Table =====
    ※ATTENTION※ "Math Word Decode Fun" application is required or these items will not work.
    Math Word Decode Fun(Free): market://details?

    Character - Minus Cross-References: Negative numbers correspond to characters will be shown in "table"(character - number cross-references) tab. For example, in alphabet, "a" correspond to 0, and after this item is acquired, "a" will correspond to both 0 and -29.

    Manuals: Manuals for how to solve questions at game level "Easy", "Normal" and "Hard".

    After installation, All created players in this game will own these items at the same time.

    ※ You have to go to the "Game Selection" page then press the "Menu" button of android system to choose which manual to read .

    After installation, icon of this item will not be shown in application list, but you can see if it was installed successfully from "Settings""Applications""Manage applications". If this item was not activated after installation, please "quit"(not just press the "HOME" button) the game once then start the game again.

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    v1.0.0: First published version.(2012/09/14)