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    MathCatch makes the maths funny!

    MathCatch, your mind is the battlefield.

    Your best weapon is your brain (and your fingers, of course)

    Nine numbers, mathematical symbols...time’s against you...and a target! This is MathCatch!

    MathCatch is a skill math game where you have to be quick calculating and typing. The goal of the game is to match the number indicated using four basic mathematical operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The numbers and mathematical signs are flying around the screen and you must be fast to locate and use the ones you need. You can save in two memory slots that you can use whenever you want, but it`s important not to become over-confident and be precise with the calculations.

    The game has two modes of play, with different levels of difficulty and on-line rankings to compete with players around the world and up to three private leagues to compete with your friends.

    What players said about MathCatch:
    -Oh, Now you like to play with sweet little numbers? Come on and fill my tax declaration then! (Dad)
    -Er… I like the game, really, but the colors of numbers... not sure if I like them...(My Sis)
    -It`s witchcraft! (Granny)
    -It`s impressive and overwhelming, how in its endless simplicity and sobriety, the game helps improve (undoubtedly) our space perception and our cognitive capacities. (My cousin the swot)
    -Gosh, the numbers move way too faaaaaast. Can`t you stop them? (My posh niece)
    -You may laugh at me, but since I play it I`m not cheated anymore with the change at the supermarket (Mate)

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