This puzzle of a maze game will keep playing level after level. It's deliciously mazalicous! Each day the maze levels change to offer hundreds of levels to play! Find your way through each labyrinth and see how far you can get! Collect power ups and coins as you progress to allow other maze features. Swipe your finger anyplace on the screen to move in that direction. The maze scrolls side to side, and up and down as you get to larger levels. Very fast maze generation even when using millions of blocks. Has background music and smooth game play.

    -Select from different levels of difficulty from easy all the way to insane.
    -Choose different styles of game play from finding the goal, to collecting all items, to standard maze solving.
    -Swipe anywhere on the screen with your finger to move in that direction.
    -Two finger pinch on larger mazes to move zoom in and out.
    -Options to turn off background music.
    -Smooth and fast game play.

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