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    This game is a great way to train and improve visual memory, intelligence, concentration and organization. This logical puzzle game is designed for children and adults, since daily memory training is important at any age: when you are young it will help you in your career; when you are older it helps improve your performance; later in life it helps maintain your health and rational mind. Constant brain gymnastics develops logical thinking, stimulates brain activity, and helps improve the following qualities: concentration, reaction, precision, productivity and attention. Short-term memory exercises develop the brain’s ability to focus the attention, to concentrate and allow to restore the recently seen image in your imagination with all the details.
    The game is deceptively simple; the first level is for beginners. On the next levels the exposition time is shorter and the tasks get more difficult. There is no time limit for the answer.
    The app contains four blocks with different images and tasks, and there is a good reason for that. The tasks are made so that different brain regions are used to process and remember the visual information.
    Use the app everyday, and in just a week you will notice that you have become more attentive and organized.
    Train your memory by using all four games. This way you will reach the desired results quicker. Read the questions carefully, earn points and improve your score.
    The application is user-friendly and suitable for any age.
    Improve the capacity of your memory and concentration. Good luck!

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