Memory, A World of Games




    Memory, A World of Games

    This is a great memory game for the whole family. There are levels for both children and adults.

    Flex your memory while getting to know the different characters.

    Return to each level as many times as you like.

    How to play:
    Click on the upside-down cards to reveal matching cards in the least possible time.
    In the easy levels, each card shows just one character.
    In the medium levels, each card shows either one or two characters.
    In the hard levels, as well as each card showing either one or two characters, there is a time countdown. Each time you discover a matching pair, 5 seconds is added to your time.

    In order to pass from one level to another, you need to win a minimum number of stars.

    Integrated into Google Play Games
    Sign up with Google Play Games and compete online with the whole world to see who is the fastest in each category!

    We will soon add new levels!

    Don't forget to leave a comment, and vote for your favorite character.

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